Videos In DAME

Master Video File Listing

Video segments are divided into four categories: Locks, Safes, Security, and Other Video Content. Certain videos may appear in several categories. Another category has been added to include Restricted Video for government and law enforcement agencies.

This is a master listing of all videos, with specific links.

2010 DAME DISK 501

Bypass by rapping

Bypass by retainer attack

Scoping the change key hole

Manipulating Simplex and other push button locks

Bypass using a straight knife

Tryout keys and their use

Axial lock picks

Decoding of master keys

Introduction to covert entry

Drilling the Adams-Rite for wire insertion

Opening the American padlock series 2000

Harry Sher on computers for locksmiths

Discussion regarding pick sets-II

The Peterson Mfg. plug spinner

The Ben-Jim opening tool

Lock bumping

Adjustable drill template

Under-door open tool to access door knob

Picking the Mul-t-Lock with the H&M Pick tool

Mul-t-Lock analysis for pick resistance

European profile breaking tool

European profile cylinders

Disassembling profile cylinders

High security car opening tools

Fiber optic light source

Bypass of mortise cylinders

Understanding Ratchet mechanisms

Opening the Schlage F-Line

Thumb-turn tool for opening doors

Garage door bypass


Introduction to Defenses Against Methods of Entry

Interchangeable Core -1

Interchangeable Core -2

Picking the Chrysler eight wafer lock

Determinator for vehicle locks

Discussion regarding pick sets, the Wafer Breaker and tension wrenches

Security for vehicle locks

S&G M6730MP manipulation-proof lock

Bypass of the Adams-Rite lock set

Locksmiths use specialized tools from other professions

Opening the American Padlock

A discussion regarding borescopes

Removing a mortise cylinder by shearing the set screw

Drill and pick technique for opening lever locks

Drill and pick technique for a Milner safe

Bypassing a lock with a magnetic field

Bypassing the Schlage Everest

Decoding a lever lock by measuring lever height

Picking a Diebold 175-70 lever lock

Retainer pin attacks on key-in-knob locks using the lever pull technique

Manipulation aid: Mike Madden electronic sensor

Manipulation aids, general discussion

Theory of manipulation of a combination lock

Mechanical bypass of locks

Opening a lock by nose pulling

Methods of obtaining a key or its code

Bypassing the Presto lock

Opening the “Club” wafer lock

Opening the Weslock

HPC Cylinder Eater 2009

HPC Cylinder Eater 2010 update

HPC hockey puck padlock jig

HPC round-knob puller

HPC adjustable padlock jig

Schlage F-Line opening tool

Bumping of Medeco locks

Adjustable drill templates

Repairing GSA containers, requirements

Drilling of GSA container, demonstration

Drill templates

Impressioning aid, microprocessor-controlled

Keydex emergency dial

Kwikset Smart Key cylinder bypass

Magnetic bypass of mechanical components in locks

Major manufacturing lever pull

Manipulation aid and demonstration

Ophthalmoscope optical viewing aid

LSS 206 Impressioning introduction

LSS 205 Safe servicing


The following video files were added to the 2013 edition of DAME:

Auto 10 pin tumbler tray
Better Resetter tool
Defeat of Kaba Simplex 1000 with a rare earth magnet
Flexible articulating video scope
Generation Two video scope 12″
Generation two scope with 90 degree camera
HPC lever puller, updated design
KEYDEX scope camera
KEYDEX wafer reader
LED light source
Master keying and access control system considerations
Master keying software by Rabbitsoft
Master keying theory
Moon light
Pen microscope
Rigid articulating scope
Scope holders
Small diameter video scope
Video scope accessories
Video scope 5.5 mm rigid Time Master scope