Using This Site


There are three Security Classifications: Public, Locksmith, and Government. Each level provides access to certain video content: When you select the security level on your registration form, that will dictate what you have access to.

PUBLIC: “Open in Thirty Seconds” Cracking one of the most secure locks in America, including detailed video content what supplements the book.

LOCKSMITH: Public level, and D.A.M.E., and LSS+ when available in 2022.

GOVERNMENT: Public and Locksmith levels, and all High Security Content.

D.A.M.E. videos are classified in four primary categories: LOCKS, SAFES, SECURITY, and OTHER VIDEO CONTENT.  You may also subscribe to High Security Videos if you are in law enforcement or work for a government agency. In order to access the D.A.M.E. videos, you must be a locksmith or law enforcement or government employee.

There is a VIDEO CONTENT link on the Home page that will show the information within your security level.

Simply select the area of interest and then search for the videos you want to view and click on the link to play.

You can also use the “Search” line to find specific content.