See the detailed description of DAME on www.securitylaboratorires.org.

The Security Policy for this site can be found on the Security Policy link. There are three levels: Public, Locksmith, and Government.

DAME is part of the LSS+ Multimedia series produced by Marc Weber Tobias. The creator of DAME is Harry Sher.  D.A.M.E. is the acronym for Defenses Against Methods of Entry.

Updates will be immediate as they are created so subscribers will no longer need to wait for physical disk releases.

Pricing plans will allow for bi-annual update purchase and a one-time base subscription.

There is additional content on this site, including the book “Open in Thirty Seconds” and Restricted High Security Video Content for law enforcement and government employees and agencies.

The Multimedia edition of “Locks, Safes, and Security” LSS+ will be placed online in 2022.


D.A.M.E. ONLINE offers users the ability to view all of the D.A.M.E. series on any device including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and on any operating system that can play mp4 video files. The Disk and USB versions will only allow content to be viewed on Windows computes.

Note that you will be allowed to register two devices to access this site. If you need additional devices, please contact Marc Tobias at mwtobias@securitylaboratories.org.

The system requires a User Name, Password, and a third authentication from your phone or computer. Once you register into the system, this is automatic. You can elect to receive a QR Code, or six-digit SMS code to verify access rights. You may not share authenticating credentials to access this site, so your access is limited to the registered devices.


The procedure to purchase and access content from this site is straightforward and relatively simple.

You can view all available plans for purchase by clicking on Buy Dame. Please note that you cannot chooses any one or more of these plans until your registration is accepted. Access to any plan is defined by the access level that was requested at the time of registration. That access level will determine what you can view on the site.

Register in order to provide information about you and your employment for us to verify access rights for the security level of content you wish to purchase. Set up a User Name and Password so you can login again after registration acceptance.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of registration.

You will receive a further email as to acceptance or denial of registration, once reviewed by the site Administrator.

You will receive an email from the MiniOrange Security site to register your devices into the system for multi-factor authentication. This means that information from your devices will be stored in order to verify who you are when logging into lss-dame.com.  Use of User names and passwords from non-registered devices will not allow access.

If you are registering your computer, you can scan the QR Code with your phone after you have downloaded the MiniOrange Authenticator App from the Apple or Android Store. Just use the + symbol, once the App is installed, to register the device if you are scanning a QR Code.  If you are registering your smartphone, then select an SMS six-digit code to authenticate. This will be received by your device phone number and is sent from your cellular carrier.

If your registration is approved, then log back into the site. You will see all of the available plans to your security level, with a checkbox. Select what plan or plans you wish to purchase.

Click on the link to purchase the plans. You will be routed to the MiniOrange and Stripe payment platforms to enter your credit card information. Once payment is made, you will be granted access rights to view content, once you log back into the site. You can also alter your registration data under My Account.

If you are purchasing D.A.M.E. through a dealer, please enter the Dealer Code on the registration form.

You will see a charge on your credit card from Stripe, for INVESTIGATIVE LAW OFFICES for the products you purchased.