Security Policy

Security Policy information

D.A.M.E. has been updated to an online version to allow maximum flexibility and value to its users, whether at home, in the field, or at work.

Because of the difficulty in protecting the dissemination of video files by sharing their URL links, all videos are now being hosted within a website that provides for security against sharing of links and access credentials. PDF files are not able to be printed or downloaded, but can be read online.

Detailed instructions are provided for registering in order to access the D.A.M.E. series of videos. You must qualify as a security professional, locksmith, law enforcement, or government employee in order to purchase and access the files on the lss-dame website. The Public level will allow the purchase of “Open in Thirty Seconds” and other books that do not contain restricted content.

The process will require you to register on this website . Once access to this area is confirmed, you can purchase D.A.M.E. and obtain a user name, password, and two-factor authentication application to access not only but other sites with secure content.